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GAGenWeb Tech Support

Taking our lead from folks in The Great State of Texas, we are developing a listing of resources within the GAGenWeb project for offering mentoring or guidance in some particular area of expertise. This listing will include names and contact information paired with the software or programming help that they have agreed to provide to GAGenWeb team members.

We invite you to contact the Tech Support Team Coordinator to volunteer!

Miscellaneous Info

· To get the appropriate links for your county links in the Georgia USGenWeb Archives project, go to:  Archives Project.

· If you would like to have a vicinity map of your county and neighboring counties, colored to match your site or just black and white, contact graphics coordinator with your special request.

· Small Georgia maps with specific counties colored in red are available by going to this link:
Note that you must replace "Pickens.gif" with the name of your particular county (first letter capitalized).

Software Resources

A site/page editor for Windows is Kompozer. It's free and seems to be highly useful. You can download here.

NAMO's WebEditor6 is a good WYSIWYG editor at a very reasonable price. You can download a trial version from NAMO's website.

If you need a free FTP program, CoffeeCup has one on their site that you can download. Additionally, they have HTML editors, script editors, and other interesting little software packages that are very reasonably priced or free.

To find freeware/shareware for HTML/CSS editing or image editing, go to TUCOWS website and use their search function.

Hiding MAILTO links

To hide email addresses in your MAILTO links:

Download this file [email.js] and put it in the directory with your HTML documents. Code your MAILTO links like this:

< a href="javascript:antiSpam('','sally','About GAGenWeb')">Sally CC< /a >

Note that there are extra spaces between the bracket tags and the "a" and "/a" so the code reads correctly. Remove those spaces when adding to your page.

Replace with the ISP domain of the email address, replace sally with the mailbox name, and you must put a mail subject where About GAGenWeb is.

Automatic Update Script

Thanks to Joy Fisher for this useful script! Put it at the bottom of your pages, and it will automatically show a date/time that the page was modified.

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